100,000 hits on new site
We have a Winner

o m gosh! its happening tonight

Here it comes. tonight. the 100,000th hit. i am getting emotional now. . .

would the 100,000th hitter please be good enough to leave a short comment so we know exactly who you are?

Do you want to be with me for the momentous occasion?
You need to come over to my office, sit and hold my hand, and stop me from crying like a baby.
My office is brand new and i only put the furniture in a few minutes ago.
Heres how to get to the "Boaz Lounge"
1. Go to habbohotel.co.uk
2. Check in (you will have to register - its free - and get dressed
3. find the navigation aid (at the bottom of the screen), and click on "Guest Rooms"
4. In the search engine, type in "Boaz Lounge"
Now you will be in my office. And you will see me there really soon.
Any problems, let me know on email - tallskinnykiwi at gmail (dot) com
See you there