Boaz Lounge is open
cyberparty at sapphire lounge

Our Cyber-Party

Thats me on the bottom right, partying in the Boaz lounge. And it was a lot of fun. Great to see my friends from all over the world and for them to meet each other. Lots of bloggers turned up. Unfortunately, i neglected the actual party going on in my house and it was a little rude of me to have my face in the computer screen when i had such great guests (including Alan Cross from USA and my flesh-n-blood church homies like P-Tan and Mags).
That was the downside. It wasn't as seemless as i had hoped. The computer sucks me into it. I think a web cam system would have worked better to extend our pizza party, rather than trying to simulate it virtually in real time.

Well . . . My wife is a little upset at my last few days of geekdom. They were very creative and productive days (3 rooms, 2 parties, including a 24-7 prayer room online that people are now using) but i need to renounce the computer for the weekend as my penance for anti-social behavior at home. This Geek must repent.
Soooo . . . i will NOT be blogging this weekend, will NOT be reading your comments, NOT be making an appearance in my cyberspaces.
Hope you can make it Tuesday night for Suddenly Seminary. I will announce the time on Monday.
Have a great weekend!!!!!!