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o m gosh! its happening tonight

Here it comes. tonight. the 100,000th hit. i am getting emotional now. . .

would the 100,000th hitter please be good enough to leave a short comment so we know exactly who you are?

Do you want to be with me for the momentous occasion?
You need to come over to my office, sit and hold my hand, and stop me from crying like a baby.
My office is brand new and i only put the furniture in a few minutes ago.
Heres how to get to the "Boaz Lounge"
1. Go to
2. Check in (you will have to register - its free - and get dressed
3. find the navigation aid (at the bottom of the screen), and click on "Guest Rooms"
4. In the search engine, type in "Boaz Lounge"
Now you will be in my office. And you will see me there really soon.
Any problems, let me know on email - tallskinnykiwi at gmail (dot) com
See you there

100,000 hits on new site

100ktrophySince i moved this site over from to, i have had almost 100,000 hits. Tomorrow sometime, some lucky person will hit my site for the 100,000th time. Will that be you? I need to think up a special prize.
UPDATE: Maybe i should hand out that trophy tomorrow? You would have to come to my virtual office for the ceremony. Yeah. That would be fun. I could also just invite you all to come to my office tomorrow and we could celebrate together?
Are u up for that? I would give you the address and info tomorrow, around 4pm GMT.

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Lunch today with Dr Smite

Dr Smite ordered the sausages and mash. So did I. Debbie had some french type pastry.
Simon Jenkins (ala Dr Smite) is the creator of Church of Fools, a virtual 3D church environment that was launched last month (i was there and made some movies). The site has already had well over a million visits from all kinds of people, including hecklers. With so many troublemakers coming to his church, Simon had to increase the number of "wardens" and give them power to "smite" people (ex-communicate them). In doing so, he brought the word "smite" out of King James oblivion and into the new media realm of virtual church. Well done Simon!
Having turned down his offer to preach at Church of Fools when he asked me at Blah, i decided today to accept his invitation and preach there soon. I am hoping Simon will give me the power to smite people from the pulpit as i preach. Especially those that don't come up for the altar call or who don't put enough into the offering plate. Or who dont pay enough attention. Heck. I might just smite everyone!

New Gmail address

grail Praise Google! I have been bestowed upon with a Gmail account from Almighty Google, Lord of the Pings, Forboding and Omniscient, Ever-Watchful of Data.
Indeed, not a sparrow-sized pixel is downloaded without its knowledge. None can hide from its Dreadful Bots. Its Eye, lidless and sleepless, scans the earth, looking to and fro to see whose web site is worthy of favour. The Great and Awesome Google has provided 1 Gig from Its bounty as my inheritance, and i am herewith grateful, although still very suspicious.
tallskinnykiwi at gmail (dot) com
Moreover, I have accepted my lot, knowing that Google gives gifts to all bloggers as It sees fit, some to apostles, some to prophets, some to geeks, some to novices, and all for the building up of the web so that the markets and governments of the world can have access to every byte of transmitted information and can track every conversation, whether they are shouts from rooftops or the whispers of the king in his chamber.

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Power Lunch at Westminster Abbey

simon bell and his thrift store suitcoat
This is Simon Bell, earlier today, taking out some cash to buy me lunch. Simon is one of the advisors to the Archibishop. He is also a man who looks for a bargain at thrift stores. So when he invited me to lunch at Westminster Abbey, (on the right - a large, spikey building surrounded by tourists) I knew i had some competition. I initiated by wearing my black suitcoat, a classy number by Leonardo Valenti of Italy, that i picked up for only 8 pounds. He countered with a tweed coat that he had boasted about in a previous email - the mighty 5 pound wonder! Dangitt! I had a feeling he would do that. Mine was nicer, but his was cheaper. I guess he won.
Simon was advisor to the Archibishop in Capetown, South Africa, up to a few years ago, so we had a good chat about South Africa as well as the current state of the Church of England and the possibilities in the future. Simon came out to blah last month to hear me speak. Nice guy.

Emerge, Diverge, Converge

images-1Sounds like a bumper sticker and i pray we never see it in a Christian Bookstore. I am just repeating something i said a few minutes ago. Here is the thought, and i offer it for your perusal, beta-testing and fodder for derision, should i prove to be out of the ballpark.
If there were stages in the evolutionary process for new churches, then i propose these three words, all of which were used in the comments section of a previous blog posting this week (When We Stop Emerging), and all summed up in my final comment..
It might look like this:
1. Emergence - as the new [church] is birthed, takes shape and defines itself against the old, dead or dying.
2. Divergence - as the new [church] defines itself in relation to the One/Established/Dominant, caresses the edges of culture to find justice and to realign previous imbalances.
3. Convergence - as the new [church] finds its place alongside the residual, finds definition by comparison rather than contrast, seeks to aggregate rather than agitate, harmonize rather than homogenise, and to create vocabulary not for itself but rather for the newly-created, holistic, complex system of church-life that has developed around and including what was previously called emerging.

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