Weekend Stuff

The Fatkins Diet

imagesI am way too skinny and have decided to gain some weight for the summer. I am creating a new diet called The Fatkins Diet which i believe will give me some extra poundage. Hannah, my 6 year old daughter is going to join me.
Firstly, i am giving up tea and coffee, or at least limiting it to once or twice a day rather than all day long whenever i feel like it. This should help return my appetite for food, which is suppressed by the caffeine. It should also reduce my metabolism to a reasonable speed.
Secondly, I am replacing tea with Milo and Ovaltine made with milk.
Thirdly, I started taking a supplement called Floradix, "a liquid iron formula containing herbal extract and fruit concentrates", which apparently increases appetite.
Weight lifting? Wish i could but its too expensive to join a gym around here. I will try without it for now. Lets see if i can gain some weight on my Fatkins Diet.

mayatlasWhy am I so skinny? This information may be important to some. I really don't know why i don't gain weight, but if i had to guess, i would say these are the primary factors:
- My parents were both skinny.
- I have a fast metabolism
- I walk a whole lot. Always have. I walk when i pray and walk when i think. Miles of walking.
- Tea. I drink it all day long. It has been suppressing my appetite and i just don't feel like eating.
- Psychologically, i don't have any hang-ups with food. I don't have any no-nos, I don't have to sneak food when no one is looking. I can eat anything i want whenever i want. Because of this, i never have secret longings for food that i am not allowed, and therefore do not crave food in the same way that people on strict diets crave the food they are not allowed.
- I obey my hunger. My body knows what it wants and i give it freely. I enjoy full fat milk, and i refuse to buy anything with the word "diet" on it. Because of this, i constantly feel satisfied. My body has everything it needs. This also means that i do not get very hungry or crave things my body is not getting.
Hot_Chicks_Dont_Dig_web- I work hard all the time and am always working on projects. I don't sit around. I don't have periods of boredom that drive me to snack on junk food. At the computer, time flies and i don't even think about eating.
- I avoid junk food, on the most part. Nothing wrong with it, but i just don't seem to be in the habit of sitting on the couch with a packet of chips.
- i often don't eat. I usually skip breakfast. I don't believe that we all are automatically entitled to three large meals a day. When traveling i may only get one decent meal a day. I eat when i am hungry, rather than automatically load up just because of the time of day. If it is lunchtime and i am not hungry, i will just skip it and wait for dinner.
- Because of what God has done in my life, i am at peace with myself.