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Post-Club VJs

Well i made it to the "Hang the VJ" discussion at the Institute for Contemporary Art in London. Very helpful. Great to meet some of the people making moving images for the screens and walls in this country.
Chris Allen is a very nice young man with a company called The Light Surgeons. We plan on chatting about some projects that he has been involved with. His heart is to express himself and help others find their creative voice. He has always enjoyed "finding" things and using them in his presentation. Look forward to chatting more.
Mike Faulkner, of D-Fuse, was there. Graham Daniels of Addictive TV puts on a TV show called Mixmasters. i didn't get to chat with him. Matt Black of Ninja Tune/Coldcut is more of an historian and activist. He is involved in a collaborative video project dealing with justice in Papua New Guinea that is based around celebration, caution and action.
All 4 guys work with audio as well as video, which makes me take my hat off to them. Most of them dont like the video jockey label. They work so much harder than the DJs, and dont get much of the respect (or royalties). Hearing them share their love/hate relationship with the club scene was a relief. I thought I was the only one. i gave up projecting images on club walls many years ago (I got too old to stay up until 3am). These guys are also post-club, although they occasionally go back and do some live performance. But they are all more interested in collaborating with artists of different genres to create meaningful projects.
Thats why i think our paths will cross again.