40 Day Prayer Storm
Emerge, Diverge, Converge

Who's the Daddy?

I am! This is my first fathers day in my 40's (did i tell you i turned 40?) and i am milking it for all its worth and then some. My wife and 5 kids are spoiling me today with tea, presents, and time to read a novel.
Happy Fathers day to all you dad-bloggers out there.!!!!! Children are a gift of God.
What gifts did I get? Read on to see . . .

topmanshortsWell, you can see my new shorts (my only shorts) that my family bought for me from Topman. It was the last pair and Debbie (who now has woollen braids in her dreadlocks) talked the salesmen into stripping down the mannequin and removing his shorts.
The jacket? Glad you asked. A very expensive Italian sports coat that I bought for 2 pounds from Oxfam Thrift Store yesterday, since it was old and had a hole in the arm. We subsequently removed both arms, and the shoulder pads, and i now have the fanciest sleeveless summer jacket in London. Ha! Ha!
That hat? A few pounds from a thrift store in England last week
The wicked cool mower? 5 pounds from a boot sale. I don't have the heart to repaint it, since the original paint is still on it.

wardrobeI bought a wardrobe from the salvation army 2 days ago for 30 pounds. I have been living out of my suitcases (literally) ever since we got to London earlier this year. We found this really cool retro wardrobe that is already organized into spaces so that i can stay neat. At least, get neat and stay that way. It even has labels on all the drawers and shelves for "handkerchiefs" and "gloves" and everything else a gentleman in his 40's will need to stay properly upholstered in London.

hifi I bought an old Hitachi Hifi for the grand total of 2 pounds. Its very hip, and way cheaper than an iPod. I found some old records for 20p each like Godspell, Shirley Bassey al la 1959, etc, and i am playing these today as my soundtrack. Its certainly a lot cheaper than iPod, and you get the actual hiss and scratches that only the real thing can do. And at 20p for each album, you really cant beat the value.

So, back to my newspaper, book and breakfast.