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A Theoblogican Revolution

Is a blog just a "compilation of articles", as CT define it? Or is there a revolution going on that mainstream publishers have not yet acknowledged?
I am sending an email to Christianity Today regarding their article, A Theoblogical Revolution. I waited a long time for them to write about blogging but think they could have done a better job. Maybe they should ask some of you to write an article that captures the passion of blogging, the culture of co-authorship, the open door for readers to become writers, the sign that we are actually living in a post-post-literate world.
I also want to challenge their assessment of Tim Benar who they suggest needs to "get a fact checker of his own"
The Skinny? Tim's article (download PDF) is a well thought out piece that took a lot of research. [My only complaint is that he never gives a link to my site ha-ha-ha.] I know that Tim was bugging me for input for weeks and we all sent him our thoughts so that he would end up with an accurate assessment of blogging. CT should not be so quick to dismiss his findings. What do you think?
1. I found Tim's earlier response to CT's article.
2. Ted's definition is of CT's Weblog, not blogs in general, as he explains in the comments section.

Here is my short email:

Thanks for your article on blogging. I was hoping CT would tackle the subject.
For posterity's sake, I just send these thoughts to you.
1. Yes, CT's weblog, starting in 1999 is quite old. And Christians have been blogging much earlier. Joshua Rudd was blogging back in 1996. My blog "Andrew's Tea Salon" started in 1997. I am sure there are others earlier than us who were using the web in this way.
2. Regarding the sentence "Tim Bednar needs a fact checker of his own" The fact is, Tim interviewed quite a number of leading theoblogians (most of whom were not mentioned in Ted's article) and we feel his facts are solid. Tim is a good resource. Maybe you should ask him to write a worthy article about blogging.
3. CT's definition of a blog "Weblog is a compilation of articles," would receive negative feedback from bloggers if it were known. A blog post (new media) is not an article (old media) and does not need to reference articles to find value.

Thanks for listening
Andrew Jones