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David Crowder looks funny.

imagesSmall world. I am now sitting at my desk in London, listening to Joy FM from St Louis, Missouri, who are talking about David Crowder, my friend from Waco Texas. I guess The Dave Crowder band are playing in St Louis this weekend, because they are looking at a photo of him and are talking about his funky look - long gotee, skinny, and a weird face. "He likes the shock value of his looks", said Sharon, not realizing that her words would appear on my blog a few seconds later. Yes, he does look strange, BUT WE LOVE HIM TO DEATH!!!!!!
I downloaded a trial version of live365.com internet radio yesterday on my computer and am enjoying tapping into the mainstream christian contemporary stuff that i havent heard for years. Dont flame me!!!! Just let me listen to it. Does anyone out there want to start an internet radio station. Can you do it cheaper than $10 a month? (Live365.com's price)

3 minutes later - i found an image of dave (who is now singing on Joy FM). Don't you just love the speed of internet publishing.