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INRI at Suddenly Seminary

Tonight! This will be the last one for a while. Summer is here and i will be traveling to places wifi-deprived and broadband-desolate so we will finish off our little virtual seminary experiment here.
I will turn up for one hour at 7pm London time. You have a few hours to prepare. I realise this is last minute, but this is SUDDENLY seminary and part of the experience is the element of immediate time and knee-jerk theology. Lets do this:
inri1. Download a PDF file of the INRI exhibition from its original location or by clicking the thumbnail on the left.
2. Read the file, as if you were attending the photo exhibition.
3. Choose one image and get ready to share why you choose it.
4. If you have time, take an screenshot of the image you choose and upload it to your blog. Try to optimize it to between 10k and 20k. Then leave a comment here and a link to your image and blog posting. You could do this during the week also. I would be curious to see which image you choose.
4. At 7pm tonight (London time), come to the guest room called Suddenly Seminary at
I will start. Having attended the exhibition in Prague, and bought the actual book (cost me a lot of money!!!) I scanned my personal favorite image and have cropped it here. It is a picture of the disciples with Jesus. I love the railway analogy . . the sense of taking off, sending out. When i think of the word "apostles", this image often comes to mind.
The INRI exhibition was a photo exhibition by Bettina Rheims and Serge Bramly depicting the Gospels in contemporary time.