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Happy Birthday Debbie

Doodles on Prayer 1.1

room for prayer?
Prayer invites God to make Himself known, to turn up, to gatecrash dreams, to warm up hearts of ice.
Prayer transcodes the atmosphere, introduces Kingdom tones and flavors, re-composites reality, downloads beauty and grace into spaces raw and ready for healing.
Prayer starts the homecoming process, nudging people away from reluctance, situating them on the pilgrim road that leads them to where they should be.
Prayer attunes ears to the voice of God as He unveils his heart for the nations and for the neighbors.
Prayer calls up the people of God, summons helpers from great distances to join in the dance, woos out workers to shoulder the load of harvest-filled bags.
Prayer silences the voices of the night, ties up dark personalites, emasculates the strongman.
Prayer invites God to command all things friendless and isolated to be reconciled, aggregated, reconstituted into harmony with Himself and His passionate desire to have all things under his gentle care .

This is something that I had doodled on prayer. I am publishing it today to remind myself that I need to spend more time in prayer. (photo taken in Prague)