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A rotten, no-good, very-bad, horrible day

Last night was a bad night and today is not looking any better.
- Samuel got taken to the hospital early this morning with what might be an asthmatic attack - They are diagnosing him now.
- I was up all night fighting a flu - periods of shivering cold, and then hot smelly sweating. I still feel horrible and sick.
- Our van got tagged by gangs last night with black paint on the back door.
- Bank is not accepting wire deposit.
- Might have a computer virus that is sending out emails to people.

Well, that should be enough to cheer you all up. Hope your day goes better. As for me, I will side up with Job who said, in the Bible's oldest book,
"Though He slay me (Hebrew is 'fillet me', like a fish), yet will I trust in Him".

update: samuel is back with all kinds of blowers and squeezy shwoshy plastic toys to help him breathe and sleep. Good news is that it may just be a temporary viral chest infection. thanks for your prayers . . .