Ivan's coming. Got Prayer?
My computer died.

Budapest. Again

Off to Budapest, Hungary for another conference with the Alliance For Saturation Church Planting. Its called "Church Multiplication Learning Community". David Garrison is the main speaker and I am doing a breakout for emerging culture on Friday.
Dave Garrison should be great. I have heard much about him and his teaching.
albumcoverThe first time I spoke in Budapest, at Hope 21, April 2002, I delivered "The Budapest Album" which was a record with no music and no songs. Only tracks. This was a lot of fun and I got a lot of milage from it. In fact, you may even recognize some of these from other articles.
My favorites were:
Track 1. The Party in Their House
Track 2. The Tree and The River
Track 3: The Baptist Monk
Track 5: The Couch and the Pilgrim Trails

What am I teaching this time?
Well, if i had more time, and if i was as artistically motivated as i was in my 30's (2 years ago) I would probably do a Budapest Album II: Church Planting in the Emerging Culture. But as stressed out and maxed out and aged out as I am, I can barely manage a short paper. Curse my old age!!!!
But . . . I did manage it. The paper is a supplement to what I will teach on Friday (Forward Slash) There may be some thoughts worth salvaging. You can download the file called emerging_culture_issues.doc and have a bo-peep, but please don't publish or quote from it. And my Fundy Friends - please don't use it as ammunition (yet). Let me know if you see some glaring errors. There is still time for me to fiddle with it. Its open source and full of bugs and i invite you to beta test it and shoot it back better and sounder.
Dang - I really shouldn't be uploading this so early . . . but what the heck.