Derek Warhol
A Monastery in Orkney: Our Next Step?

Emerging UK and USA

Eddie Gibbs from Fuller Seminary has some good thoughts on the emerging church in UK and USA . . .
"In the UK, those working among young people are going with the young people into their culture rather than extracting them and processing them for the Church sub-culture. In the USA, the trend is in the opposite direction, i.e. extracting people from “the world” in order to bring them into the Church.

This difference is partly explained by the greater likelihood of young people being “never churched” in the UK context, as distinct from the “formerly churched,” which is more the case here in the USA. A second factor is that the emerging churches in the UK are more likely to be located in an urban (inner-city) setting rather than in suburbia or in the more fashionable city-centre locations."
Eddie Gibbs, The Emerging Church (download Download PDF)