Budapest. Again
Portugal till Friday

My computer died.

How embarrassing! It was right before my presentation in Budapest, Hungary. I was speaking on NEW MEDIA and the emerging church to a group of mission professionals and leaders. Some of them had heard of the Forward Slash presentation. Some people had come in especially to see it.
And my computer slipped into a coma and refused to waken from unconscious mode.You should hear the message on CD - "Ahhhhh . .. my apologies ..... ahhhhhh ...dangitt!!!! ....." So I did the presentation unplugged ie., we TALKED about new media and the emerging church. Hey - for those of you that came - sorry to disappoint - i will try and upload some of the video resources. Thanks for being so kind.

andrewwithibookAs for my computer, a few kind words of remembrance are in order.
It was a good computer. I took it all around the world, in countless countries, on countless flights, over the last 2 and a half years. It was my precious, my only portable computer. I called it "Gandalf the White", since our 400 MHZ iMac was Gandalf the Grey.
My precious Gandalf the White was a 500 MHZ G3 iBook with a humble 10 Gigs. I pushed it to its limit. I used it daily. I ran heavy duty software, like Arkaos VJ live video mixing program, and, like the little engine that could, Gandalf the White managed to do the job for me.

What a great computer! Although, it has been limping along in a wounded state for some time. The CD drive broke and i have been holding CD's in place by pushing my finger up against the slot. And the screen plays up so that i have to squeeze it a few times to make things ledgeable. And the power cord needs to be tweaked constantly to make the connection. And the battery only lasts 20 minutes. And there is a permanent vertical line on the screen that the Apple people said i can do nothing about. And now it has entered a Cinderalla sleep and there is no Prince Charming to kiss it back to life.
Soooo . . after surviving the rigours of missionary life, the bloody dear thing is dead. And i need another one really quickly. I have to be in Portugal next week and i am speaking at some meetings for youth leaders and pastors, and i DESPERATELY NEED A COMPUTER to project my video and help me communicate.
and the following week i will be in Spain and i will NEED A COMPUTER and the following week i will be in the middle of England and i will need a computer and the week after that I might (i say might) be in Canada and guess what I need . . . .?

so here's the skinny . ..

A very kind mission (that shall remain nameless, because one day God will reward DAWN ministries for their kindness) has put out US$800 towards a new computer.
OR . . . i wonder .. .. anyone out there with a used G4 powerbook that they want to sell me for $800? Let me know ASAP. Think about it . . isnt it about time for you to upgrade and sell your powerbook to the Tall Skinny Kiwi? Tomorrow?

UPDATE: - thanks to someone else, a bit more came in from two different people and its enough to get a 12" G4 powerbook. i have ordered it and expect it in a few days. much thanks.