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Missing my friends (updated)

Shannon Hopkins and Jessica Stricker have gone back to USA. I miss them already. Its been great having Shannon around for the past few months. And great to have Jessica come over for her birthday. Crowded House just played on my internet station and i was thinking of her and her retro-80's tastes. (Makes me want to grow a mullet!) Hope the next chapter in your journey goes well!

And on top of that, Julie Blick leaves tomorrow for USA and her sister Cindy left a few days ago for Ireland. The blick girls were in my youth group 12 years ago, and have been living with us in London for about 6 months.

Getting lonely around here . . . . where is everyone going? Maybe my wife and I can move back into a bedroom after a year sleeping in the living room?

Anyway, I am cooking up another incredible curry and am about to serve it up. Great beef curry. Really great!