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Portugal till Friday

Well, I arrived back from Budapest yesterday and had a nice and pleasant evening with my family in London. Roast Lamb. Chips and sour cream in front of an old movie. Walking the kids to school this morning. Feel like i have been home for ages . . .

port_1But now i am shooting off to Gatwick airport for my flight to Lisbon, Portugal. Meetings all week. Dr. Jun Vencer is the main speaker. He was International Director of World Evangelical Fellowship before upgrading his calling to join the DAWN team. Yeaahhhhh. WAy to go Jun! Give up those small ambitions and put your hand to the church planting plough!

vencer_congressWhen Dr. Vencer is finished talking, which is just about the time Marc Van de Woude , Andreas, myself and a few others will be coming in from the beach, drying ourselves off . . . (nahhh, just kidding - we will be taking frantic notes from Jun) then we will get up and share what God is doing among the emerging church in Europe and beyond. I am hoping my new computer will arrive by Wednesday so that I can throw some video on the wall. Lets see.

Hey you prayer people - I get to speak twice on Friday, when the younger people and those interested in the emerging culture side of things show up. This is the day to rise at 3am and upload some heavy duty prayers for me and the team. No need to stand naked in freezing weather or whip yourselves into an ecstatic frenzy with branches, or anything like that, but we would appreciate you to prayer God will allow the young leaders of Portugal to rise up, find their place, and see the new churches transform their country, and pass on the redemptive gift of Portugal to the world. Thanks.

Consider me off-line, silent and gone for the next 5 days. No Suddenly Seminary on Tuesday. Blessings on your week!!

My computer died.

How embarrassing! It was right before my presentation in Budapest, Hungary. I was speaking on NEW MEDIA and the emerging church to a group of mission professionals and leaders. Some of them had heard of the Forward Slash presentation. Some people had come in especially to see it.
And my computer slipped into a coma and refused to waken from unconscious mode.You should hear the message on CD - "Ahhhhh . .. my apologies ..... ahhhhhh ...dangitt!!!! ....." So I did the presentation unplugged ie., we TALKED about new media and the emerging church. Hey - for those of you that came - sorry to disappoint - i will try and upload some of the video resources. Thanks for being so kind.

andrewwithibookAs for my computer, a few kind words of remembrance are in order.
It was a good computer. I took it all around the world, in countless countries, on countless flights, over the last 2 and a half years. It was my precious, my only portable computer. I called it "Gandalf the White", since our 400 MHZ iMac was Gandalf the Grey.
My precious Gandalf the White was a 500 MHZ G3 iBook with a humble 10 Gigs. I pushed it to its limit. I used it daily. I ran heavy duty software, like Arkaos VJ live video mixing program, and, like the little engine that could, Gandalf the White managed to do the job for me.

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Budapest. Again

Off to Budapest, Hungary for another conference with the Alliance For Saturation Church Planting. Its called "Church Multiplication Learning Community". David Garrison is the main speaker and I am doing a breakout for emerging culture on Friday.
Dave Garrison should be great. I have heard much about him and his teaching.
albumcoverThe first time I spoke in Budapest, at Hope 21, April 2002, I delivered "The Budapest Album" which was a record with no music and no songs. Only tracks. This was a lot of fun and I got a lot of milage from it. In fact, you may even recognize some of these from other articles.
My favorites were:
Track 1. The Party in Their House
Track 2. The Tree and The River
Track 3: The Baptist Monk
Track 5: The Couch and the Pilgrim Trails

What am I teaching this time?
Well, if i had more time, and if i was as artistically motivated as i was in my 30's (2 years ago) I would probably do a Budapest Album II: Church Planting in the Emerging Culture. But as stressed out and maxed out and aged out as I am, I can barely manage a short paper. Curse my old age!!!!
But . . . I did manage it. The paper is a supplement to what I will teach on Friday (Forward Slash) There may be some thoughts worth salvaging. You can download the file called emerging_culture_issues.doc and have a bo-peep, but please don't publish or quote from it. And my Fundy Friends - please don't use it as ammunition (yet). Let me know if you see some glaring errors. There is still time for me to fiddle with it. Its open source and full of bugs and i invite you to beta test it and shoot it back better and sounder.
Dang - I really shouldn't be uploading this so early . . . but what the heck.

Ivan's coming. Got Prayer?

How many of you are going to come under Ivan's thumb tomorrow? I really don't want your house to get flattened or flooded.

"Hey Dad. Our houses and possessions belong to you. Please spare them, and let Ivan pass over."

Leave a comment, and we will pray for you and your house.

Hello A9. Bye Google?

logo-a9 The search engine from Amazon just got released. WWWWwooooooooaaaahhhhhhhh! I'm impressed.
i have always played hard to get with Amazon - not giving them any info about me at all. When i opened my account, all they knew about me was my email address and they were trying to sell me books on dieting, and getting SKINNY.
Well, now they have my number, and all my numbers, and my page ranking, and probably everything else. i typed my name into their search engine, clicked on the first link, and my whole life flashed before my eyes, images and all . . . dang!
We bloggers will now be encouraged to review each others blogs AND we should decide if we want the search engine power and glory to flow to Amazon rather than to Google.

Suddenly Seminary - thanks

UPDATE: thanks for turning up. Nice to chat with you!

coffee Tuesday 14th (not 13th - oops) at 7pm London time. Password this week will be "boaz". Nothing heavy to download or prepare for this week. Just turn up and lets chat. Come and see my new coffee machine and have a cup on me.

How to get there? - go to guest room called "Suddenly Seminary". Type in "boaz" when it asks for password. Come in, grab a coffee and a seat. Next Tuesday I will be in Portugal and will not be around.

Hanging with Kenny Mitchell

japankennyDJ Kenny Mitchell was in London for a few days and i caught up with him last night. Mika Goto from the Japan Youth Church Network was at our home so I brought her along to meet Kenny. EQ was a meeting for artists and musicians. Mainly musicians. About 40 of them turned up and Kenny spoke for, dang, must be over an hour, on hearing THE SOUND and being a living sacrifice for God. We prayed over all the DJ's and musicians.
Kenny and I were in Japan a few years ago where I took this picture, and he took a sound bite of me teaching my "Tree By The River" movement. He mixed it with the Japanese translation into a track on his Brooklyn and Beyond album called Movement. I have used it a few times. Kenny is cool. Glad the EQ people recognize that. Kenny pastors a church in New York called Tribe. EQ will meet again November 8. Dave B is the man to talk to.

BELLS - Simple Church Models

BELLS is a good attempt, nay, a magnificent attempt, from my colleagues at DAWN Ministries North America, to walk thru the concept of Simple Church.

B is for Blessing
E is for Eating
L is for Listening
L is for Learning
S is for Signs and Wonders

The conclusion sums it up. I like BELLS. I love seeing "Eating" get some credit like it deserves. Dangitt! Eating together should be on everyone's list of church essentials. BELLS rocks!
Although i would re:mix it a little for my audience, avoiding the "signs and wonders" label for the sake of my Fundy Friends, (Al Mohler - are you out there?) and i would explain that "simple" is a necessary ingredient of organizational structure in a "complex" environment. This is essential to emergent theory and the two concepts of simplicity and complexity need to be held together in unison rather than in opposition.
My acronym, if indeed i was given to acronymizing, would look like this . . .

B is for Bless (all the families of the earth - Gen 12, our mission)
L is for Listening (prayerful research, feedback, learning posture of pilgrim, listening to Word of God)
E is for Eating (meals in homes, with unbelievers also, do this in remembrance . . )
S is for Signs (of God's favor, presence, guidance, answers, miracles)
S is for Story - (interpretation of God's signs, narrative evangelism, worship, teaching)

This is the part where you jump on the comments section and yell at me for being lame enough to use reductionist acronyms. And then I jump on right after you and say . . " Oh yeah? Well, GET OVER IT!"


ucjones150Look in my office this morning and UCJones struggling to send off his paper to 24-7 Prayer regarding church planting models in Europe. They have given me a few extra days (which ended yesterday) but i have to finish it today and send it no matter what. i wont be posting it here, for those of you asking. But I might post a few thoughts related to it. I think I will be in Barcelona at the end of the month to spend a day with the 24-7 Prayer Leadership. Good people. Great ministry. Great movement. And I am a big fan of their Boiler Rooms that they call "Millenium 3 Monastries"
And the cool T-Shirt? They sell one very similar to this at their store.