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Post-Emerging Church?

Who is worthy of saying such a thing? One of the hot conversations right now is the idea of the Post-Emerging Church.
Lets talk about it onight at 7pm London time. Suddenly Seminary guest room at Habbohotel.co.uk

Here are some of my thoughts:
images-1Who can ascend the post-emerging church hill? Not he who has from a helicopter dropped, young Lotus. Nor he whose ascent has through books and conferences been. Only they who through the valley of emergence have walked, stage by stage, the lessons of God learning.

imagesGen-X Church - Those who through the Valley of the Gottee journey have walked, they have heard God in the minor chord. Sensed they have, his voice in the distortion. Fallen as the leaves of autumn, is the folly of unchanged church.

images-2Postmodern Church - Those who through the Valley of Otherness trod, they have seen exposed the abuse of Pharisees. Softer, they walk. Humble and meek, they become. No longer haughty. Crucified. They see the Other. The bruised reed in the gentle hands of the Master they are.

images-4Emergent Church - Those who through the valley of emergence walk, have seen the Way of the Ant. It has no hierarchical leader and yet organized it is, efficient its resources, wise its investment, constant its feedback. No large investment does it require. Such a church is no longer foreign, no longer rich, no longer a church only for professionals. Organic, it is. Spread it will, like slime mold. Shoot its roots into dark places, it will, like rhizomes.

images-5Post-Emergent Church - Few there are, that sit on this hill. None there are, without scars. A deep ecclesiology they hold, convergence is their view. Talk about models and structures they do not. Recognized, they are, by those who walk in their path.

Beware, the Big Man who has a shortcut found, who breath and composure still has. Who limps not. Beware the Big Church without compassion or children. For colonize and cannibalize it will. The wise man and wise women you must seek. For grey hair, travel. By their love, you will know them. Tears they have shed, poverty in spirit has been theirs. Unity of the one body, they strive for.