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Prayer request from Bosnia

"Dear Jones family,
This is short and urgent prayer request. From yestrday we are passing through very difficult time. Somebody in Tuzla obviosly realise that our church is growing fast. It is obviosly problem for some people. We got message that we should stop our ministry and go away.

Yestrday, one person visite us with bodyquard and promise to us that our church will be "finished". Well, we knoe that hard times like this can come . God promised that no one can stop His work. We do not know what we can expect from people who hate us, but we know what we can expect from God. We pray that we will have peace in our hearts and that God will give us lot of strenght to be testamony of His love and mercy.

If something new happen we will write to you.

Thank you for keeping us in prayers and for being with us in this hard times.

God bless you!"

Note - these are good friends of ours.