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See You At The Pole on 15th

School kids in many countries are preparing for the annual See You At The Pole prayer event in their schools. This is an incredible movement of prayer that I have mentioned before. It has a grass roots "emergent" history in Texas, it has its martyrs, it has a global impact that reaches millions. A movement worth watching.

Some history from Christian Teens,
On the night of Wednesday, September 15th, the See You at the Pole movement suffered its first martyrs.
At a rally celebrating See You at the Pole in Fort Worth, Texas at Wedgewood Baptist Church, a gunman wearing black and cursing Jesus burst into the meeting, opened fire with a semi-automatic handgun, and exploded a pipe bomb.
Not far from where the See You at the Pole movement was born, three teens and three adults died there for their participation in that movement. A seventh person died at the hospital. Others were critically wounded.
Some may dismiss this tragic event as simply the random act of a deranged gunman. I do not. These deaths have meaning and purpose which one day, perhaps soon, shall be revealed. As I read the following morning, "Precious in the sight of the Lord is the death of His godly ones." (Psalm 116:15)