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Stumbling Toward Faith next Monday

image_book Monday 6 September right here!!!!!!! Public appearance by blogger Renee Altson on this blog and at Suddenly Seminary space at Habbo. Appearances on other blogs have started already. This is a really interesting mix between the publishing world and the blog world. Great to see us all collaborate.

Renee will talk about her new book on surviving abuse . . .
"Stumbling toward faith was written out of my attempt to make sense of what happened to me. it doesn't go into the whole of my story, and sometimes there are only occasional dips into the depths of my pain. ultimately, though, it is an attempt at an apology; a reconciliation of my faith, my desire to believe, the hope of a love that i can not understand . . . it's a difficult book, but i believe that it is the creation of something beautiful out of the rubble of my life. " (Renee)

The virtual book tour is online and Renee will make a public appearance on this blog on September 6. She will also turn up at Suddenly Seminary for a virtual chat about her book with us around 7pm, London time on the same day. Details on how to enter will be posted here.
A short PDF of the book is available to wet your appetite. Bob Carlton has been putting this together and Youth Specialties/Zondervan are cooperating with the blogging community in offering this book. It will be good to chat with Renee - I have always admired her blog, which always looks better than mine, and i would like to hear more of her story.