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The Phone's For You

Much talk going on about phones. (Sorry for the insider joke - "The Phone's For You' was a Lutheran phone-blitzing evangelism strategy from the 80's)
Heres the skinny on phone talk.
* Mobile MUDding (whoever said images have replaced words has not been watching the MultiUserDungeon culture)
* DVD to Mobile
* Moblogging (blogging from your mobile phone),
* Nokia's Lifeblog system and collaboration with Six Apart.
* Website to Mobile and again on Wired.
* and the one that caught my attention this morning . . . Mobile to Screen technology.
Phone messages can now appear in your church meeting. Imagine a prayer meeting in a room with people around the world texting in short prayers from their phones, the prayers (or praise points, or bible verses, or requests) appear on the big screen, where the VJ adds them in real time
(with effects) to whatever video is happening at the time. I have actually envisioned this for some time, but didn't know how to do it. Until today. Until Arkaos VJ Remote.

Uh huh . . oh yeah baby ... uh huh. Read it and weep!

At an event this week in London called Plasa, "Vidicom will demonstrate its TXT-2-Screen System which, combined with ArKaos VJ, allows participants from events, concerts, presentations etc.. to use their mobile phones to send text messages that will be instantly displayed on the screens. These text messages will be processed through the ArKaos Flash Text module and will appear on the screens mixed with the effects and visuals from ArKaos VJ or other sources". Fuller description here.

And if they offer MMS to screen, people can send photos directly into our presentations. Imagine allowing interactivity in your presentations or sermons. People in the pews can add their 2 cents to the message through their phones and it gets shown on the screen . .

Most common SMS's to make the big screen will probably be:
* "Amen, preacher" (Baptist SMS)
* "Help him, Jesus!" (Pentecostal SMS)
* "More, Lord" (Toronto Vineyard SMS)
* " The Hebrew text says otherwise" (Seminary Geek SMS)
* "Grey BMW - your lights are on" (Willow Creek SMS)
* "Little Jonny just crapped his pants" (Sunday School Teacher SMS)

The possibilities are endless. BTW - Did you ever read my post The WiFi Enabled Church?