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A Bible for Geeks and Pilgrims

We had a nice curry dinner with Joe Parker last night in our house. We found out that he was promoted to European Director for International Bible Society - well done! Joe and I were chatting about what kind of Bibles were needed in the European emerging culture, and decided on at least 2 new Bibles;

1. A PILGRIMS BIBLE designed for backpacks, perhaps printed on really light paper, with a good introduction to the extreme sport of spiritual pilgrimage. Some good maps might be a nice touch - the Apostle Paul's pilgrim journeys, as well as some modern day trails.

2. A GEEKS BIBLE with appropriate cover, and an introduction that would cover the rise of new media, and explore the New Testament from a new media eye.
Could you imagine Luke's Gospel in blog form?
The Letter of John as emails?
t will probably have a lot of resources on CD-Rom, and may have its own website. coooool - a bible with its own website!!!!! This will be a fun one to write, and Joe suggests that the Russian version could be a tremendous tool for getting the Bible into the hands of young geeks and hackers all over Russia.