Thoughts from Aberdeen

Update: oct 27

Here's an update on whats up with us:
- Internet access is sporadic right now - I apologize for the comment spammers and their porno sites - they have been very active but i have deleted them all. The worst thing about not having regular access to my site is the time it takes to weed out spammers. They must lie in waiting until we are away from a phone line before posting their links.
Guideline for my comments: If someone or something called "Adult Gallery" posts an irrelevant comment to an obscure blog posting of mine, dont follow the link. Repeat. Don't follow the link!
- Abigail is well. They kept her in hospital for an extra couple of days and we picked her up from the hospital to take her straight over to France and then up to Orkney. Diabetics have a really hard time when they get the flu. She was REALLY sickly and dehydrated. She went into ketosis. Black gothic shadows under her eyes - very Tim Burton! But now is totally back to normal. she received a flu shot yesterday.

- Kids all started new school today - great schools. Abi's teacher is a nurse. Samuel has a teacher called Mr Clouston (my mother's maiden name is Clouston - they are from this area)

- Monastery. We have arrived in Stromness. We are praying, building relationships, and working on some events soon - let you know. Orkney is a 90 minute ferry ride from the top of Scotland, and on the way to Sheltand Islands where we are expecting good things also. You can also fly into Kirkwall Airport.

- Suddenly Seminary will not be happening until we get broadband. Instead, every Tuesday night I will be playing badmintion at the Stromenss Badminton Club. Samuel and I joined last night. I havent played since i was really young, and i woke up very SORE!

- I called my Dad. He promises to eat tomorrow. Hopefully he will get better soon.

- I leave for Aberdeen tonight.

- Banner picture of cow was taken 2 days ago. Fantastic sunset and colours. no photoshop touch ups on that image. We had 2 incredible days of weather up here. More images later.

Our new address, written without numbers to confound spammers, is :
Greenways, thirty nine North End Road, Stromness, Orkney, KWsixteen threeLH, United Kingdom. Email me for our home phone.