Dude. I'm in Spain again.
The Skinny on 24-7 Prayer

Cold Leftover Pizza

I am SICK OF TRAVELLING . . . AHHHHHHHHHHHHHH . . .I missed my stinkin flight last night and didnt get home to london until 2am. The last part of the journey was an hour on a bus with drunken idiots coming home from the clubs and bars.
I have missed pizza night in my home for the last 3 weeks: Last night was Spain. The Friday night before that was Portugal. The Friday before that was Budapest. Dang! I hate that. But I think my crazy schedule is winding down and most events are quite local for a while. The next one (Oct. 5-6) is just north of London.
Anyway, all that to say . . . . its really good to be home.

Good two days together in the mountains. 24-7Prayer is really an exciting movement and its great to be a part of it. What i taught will be on the Roundtable CD and i will try and post it here when i get it. More later.