Sleepless in London
In the Beginning

Moving to Orkney (updated)

UPDATE: ahhhhhhhh . . .we be here . . . at last. what a long and exhausting trip!!! Thanks for your prayers and thoughts - we felt God's covering the whole time.

We couldnt get back in the country at the border. They told us to go to Lille, France and apply there for a missionary visa. Which we did. The consulate people in Lille could not issue visas, so we went to Brussels. YES! BRUSSELLS, BELGUIM. And they could not help us either. So we went back to Calais and they let us in on a 6 month tourist visa. We were exhausted by the time we returned to our house in London. We picked up our caravan, thankful that it was still there on the road, with all our stuff, and we drove up north a bit and spent the night in a rest area. Surprising how all 7 of us can sleep in our van. We drove all day and stayed the following night in a rest area near Perth. Next day we took a ferry from Aberdeen. A 6 hour trip and very rough. Most people were sick. Vomit City! And we eventually arrived at our new house at 2 in the morning.

Having said all that, the house is great, orkney is great. We were welcomed by our neighbors and some new friends. And we are very excited about being here.

No internet access in our house right now so i will be visiting this internet cafe until we get things figured out.

always enough room for everything
This is it. All our possessions are being loaded up. We are cleaning the house and getting ready to leave today to Orkney Islands, north of Scotland. And we are traveling by way of France (have to get new visas). You can read why here, although we probably wont know why God is sending us up here until much later.
Appreciate prayers for FAVOUR at the border so we can get a missionary visa for UK - Americans can pray for FAVOR.
And pray for safety in driving, for us to stay awake all night, and for our tires to hold up with all the weight. Our £150 caravan is our moving truck, along with roof-space on our van. Not as bad as this picture though . . .