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Abigail recovering

Our 9 year old daughter Abigail is being kept in the hospital longer so we are delaying our trip to France this weekend to get the visa.
Abigail? Diabetics have a much harder time when they get the flu, and Abigail got really dehydrated. She is recovering at the hospital and will be let out tomorrow.

Software: 2 Cheap and 5 Free

1. Skype for VOP internet calling. People are raving about Skype. Jordon Cooper is using it and Brad Smith sent me an email this morning with a recommendation to save BIG dollars on overseas calls using internet instead of your phone.
2. Ecto is my blogging editor of choice. I use it daily. If you blog and want to write offline and have complete control over your writing and posting, then just download the trial and BUY it like I did. NO REGRETS

1. Google's Gmail just started an atom feed. Here it is Drag that to your RSS news reader, type in your password, and you should get the headlines in your reader. I found that it did not work with NetNewsWire Lite (free version) so i had to download a trial of NetNewswire to make it work.
Need a Google email account with 1 Gig storage? Email me. I still have a few left and you can have them for FREE (of course)
2. NetNewsWire lite for a decent Mac based news readers. No one has time to surf around for websites. Much better to suck all the headlines into your Reader. Many of you are reading my words on your news reader right now. I still think NetNewsWire for Mac and FeedDemon for PC, but browsers are starting to include functionality for feeds.
3. Hotmail . I opened up my first hotmail account in 1996, in a cybercafe in San Francisco. Memmmmmooorrieeeeeeeeees . . Hotmail finally bumped up the limit to 250 MB on their free email service. But alas. I still have only 2MB. Maybe this is because i am not in USA right now. I should change my address or something.
4. G-Force. FreeVJ/presentation software. G-force is fun to use and free. I have been using it since April 2000, as a non-linear alternative to powerpoint [the devil uses powerpoint] and because i could not afford VJ software. Now i have better software (Arkaos) but i really miss using G-force.
5. Blogger for a free blogging engine and service. Ya gotta love it! Blogger for starting out.

What would you add to this list?

Busy busy . . BUSY

3 days before we leave for Orkney. We are packing up our £150 caravan with clothes and toys and things, cleaning the house, and working on admin stuff:
Visas - i pick up an application for missionary visa tomorrow and we have to drive to France and back on Saturday to get our visa renewed. PRAY that we get more than a tourist visa this time. Thanks.
Pizza party tomorrow night at our house - Lots and lots of Aussies coming to this one.
All of us are sick - colds, flu, soreness, and Abigail just threw up on the carpet. She was home from school today, as was Samuel with conjunctivitis. normally we are all pretty well but right now we seem to have everything.
A bird dropped a large piece of bread in front of me today. And then a few minutes later another bird dropped another piece of bread. I took some photos of the bread on our doorstep where it landed. What would the prophets say about that?

Social Action

2 ways the UK churches are making a difference: has a meeting in London Oct 29-31.
Blurb: "Phil Lane, an international expert on human trafficking, will be there to help us explore human trafficking, by presenting the issues and facilitating discussion for action." This is something set up by the emerging churches/ alt. worship churches in UK.

logo-1Fairtrade is another incredible way that the churches in Europe (esp. UK) have helped influenced the economic inequalities around the world. Fairtrade Labelling was created in the Netherlands in the late 1980s. Max Havelaar launched the first Fairtrade consumer guarantee label in 1986 on coffee sourced from Mexico. It is now all over the world, including USA.

Emergent the Gathering

eg-ryanholly_250Oct 18-21. Emergent Gathering is one of my favourite Emergent events. It costs nothing, there are no superheros on the stage, you get to hang out with everyone. i wish i could be there but cannot come this year. But i do HIGHLY recommend going.
It was Glorieta New Mexico where we held the New Edge Conference in 1998. The name (my contribution) had to do with being the third edge in God's harvesting tool, a ministry approach for the rising cultural creative culture. Derek Chapman ran the arts studio. My wife put chunks of clay all over the conference center. And I hung paper all over the walls to create a talk-back-graffitti platform. It was really weird traveling all over USA the following 2 years and seeing paper on walls, and chunks of clay in churches everywhere.
Doug Pagitt organized the New Edge conference, and he is also behind this one. Doug is also working on a book about Body Prayer.

Billy Graham on being "SAVED"

Billy Graham speaks out on getting "Saved": "We have domestic problems; our homes are breaking up. We have business problems, health problems, family problems. Sometimes we want to scream at life. We want to escape. We try to escape the reality of everyday living by using drugs or alcohol, or even by trying suicide. We are like a man the Bible tells us about, a man who cried out, “What must I do to be saved?”

Thanks to Luke Halls

Big thanks to video artist Luke Halls, motion graphics guru, for lending us one of his many Mac computers during our time in London. Luke is a video artist who has worked with some of my favourite artists, including David Grey and (so I heard) U2. I am clearing off my data and junk from his powermac G4 and will bring it back to him in a few days.
Luke is about half my age and three times more competent than I am in new media . . . and I will always hate him for that. Especially if he continues to develop his skills, and I continue to get left behind in the dust. Luke has great ideas about creative publishing ventures and I wouldn't be surprised if he ended up collaborating on some seriously important spiritual ventures. His website is coming soon.

Quantum Servanthood

"Whether we like it or not we have moved from “Ozzie to Ozzy;” we have moved from the Nelsons to the Osbournes; from Harriet to Sharon, from Ricky to Kelly.  We have moved from the modern to the postmodern/emerging; from the linier/absolute to the non-linier/subjective; from science/evidence to spirit/feelings; from intellect/truth to experience/real; from order/dictated to chaos/reality" John O'Keefe
Being a servant in the 21C . . .
Visual:  “Come and you will see” are the words Jesus shares.
Attractors:  Andrew went and got his brother Simon Peter to bring to Jesus.
Connective:  Jesus knew the lives of his disciples.
Chaotic:  They do not know the absolute results, but they go anyway.
A Catalyst:  A catalyst transforms things, without being changed in the process.
Be a Multiplier:  Addition is not the way, and subtraction is unacceptable.
A Guide:  They walk along side, and not push from behind
A Story Teller:  They know the story, and they know the community
A Solver:  conflict breeds conflict.  "
John O'Keefe, "Quantum Servanthood: knowing how to lead in chaos" at the newly updated (and way cool looking) Ginkworld.
Great to see another Geek rethinking ministry with a new media mind. Good one John!

Rivertribe in the house

Tipi Studio 1The Aussie band Rivertribe is rocking up to our house tonight and will stay until Saturday. A few of them are starting to blog now (I talked to them about blogging a few weeks ago in Portugal). Jono is already here, and we are waiting for Mike and 5 of his kids. Yes, another traveling missions family!. And their kids are the same age as ours.