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Software: 2 Cheap and 5 Free

1. Skype for VOP internet calling. People are raving about Skype. Jordon Cooper is using it and Brad Smith sent me an email this morning with a recommendation to save BIG dollars on overseas calls using internet instead of your phone.
2. Ecto is my blogging editor of choice. I use it daily. If you blog and want to write offline and have complete control over your writing and posting, then just download the trial and BUY it like I did. NO REGRETS

1. Google's Gmail just started an atom feed. Here it is https://gmail.google.com/gmail/feed/atom. Drag that to your RSS news reader, type in your password, and you should get the headlines in your reader. I found that it did not work with NetNewsWire Lite (free version) so i had to download a trial of NetNewswire to make it work.
Need a Google email account with 1 Gig storage? Email me. I still have a few left and you can have them for FREE (of course)
2. NetNewsWire lite for a decent Mac based news readers. No one has time to surf around for websites. Much better to suck all the headlines into your Reader. Many of you are reading my words on your news reader right now. I still think NetNewsWire for Mac and FeedDemon for PC, but browsers are starting to include functionality for feeds.
3. Hotmail . I opened up my first hotmail account in 1996, in a cybercafe in San Francisco. Memmmmmooorrieeeeeeeeees . . Hotmail finally bumped up the limit to 250 MB on their free email service. But alas. I still have only 2MB. Maybe this is because i am not in USA right now. I should change my address or something.
4. G-Force. FreeVJ/presentation software. G-force is fun to use and free. I have been using it since April 2000, as a non-linear alternative to powerpoint [the devil uses powerpoint] and because i could not afford VJ software. Now i have better software (Arkaos) but i really miss using G-force.
5. Blogger for a free blogging engine and service. Ya gotta love it! Blogger for starting out.

What would you add to this list?