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From the brain of Jonny Baker:
"Strategic Conversation on Missional Leadership Training in the UK October 5 - 6

The aims of the conversation are as follows:
1. Listen, hear and learn from the experience of Alan Hirsch and Michael Frost in missional leadership training in Forge in Australia.
2. Relate/network with others involved in missional leadership training in the UK.
3. Discover what is currently on the UK map in the way of missional leadership training and coaching.
4. Dream/discover what might be needed in the UK for effective missional leadership training and coaching in the UK over the next 5 to 10 years. In particular agree what (if any) ventures might be collaborative. Do we need a Forge or equivalent?
5. Decide whether to develop a consortium/partnership of trainers. 4D Framework The conversation is loosely framed within a 4D framework/process that we will follow through our time together: Discovery | Dreaming | Designing | Delivery Reflectors
We have invited a few people to help us steer the process and to be reflectors on the conversation. They are Alan Hirsch and Michael Frost, Bob and Mary Hopkins, Stuart Murray Williams, Andrew Jones"

Guess I am out of town a few days again. Cant say the wife is overjoyed by the prospect, after my recent travels. I might have to bring back some flowers . . .

but you are welcome to pop in and chat with each other - "suddenly seminary" password is "boaz". Check out my new hot tub and take a dip!