Update: oct 27
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Thoughts from Aberdeen

My 2 hour meeting with Steve Steele went well. Steve flew up to see me on his way to Cairo, and I took a ferry over to see him in Aberdeen. Long rough ride, though. And now i am home again but i cant sleep.
Steve had a lot of wisdom and good advice for me. He reminded me that the leaders in India always have like 5 "Timothy's" around them and those apprentices are always moving on to train others. He also suggested that I figure out how to measure success in the emerging culture churches, so that it can be translated back to conservatives. Some of this is already going on and the measurement is often related to changed society, transformation, reduced crime rates, etc.
He also suggested I send out a short "executive summary" of the global emerging church to organizations and foundations. I used to send out The Boaz Report as an email, but stopped it, partly in reaction to the Christian email spam that is everywhere, and partly because I throw pieces of it on this blog. But i probably should send something out in an old fashioned email for those organizations that still dont have RSS readers or prefer an email.
Right . . . off to bed again.