Passing of my brother
Fire and Wind in Emerging Church

In the Land of the Living

Thanks everyone for your comments and prayers over the loss of my brother this week. I hope I can be there for you also in your dark valleys. Your comments on the last post are like flowers on his grave - much appreciated!
Well I have had some phone calls with the family in Australia. Here are pieces of news;
- Lewis, apparently, died of an accidental drug overdose. His body was found in a public toilet at a railway station. There were syringes, etc found with him. no reason to suspect suicide or foul play.
- Lewis's son is Alex, born in March this year, and the spitting image of Lewis. He is cared for by the mother of Lewis's ex-girlfriend, a lovely caring lady named Sue. Sue and her sister are organising the funeral. I guess i have more family than I knew about.

- Mum is doing a lot better. We talked. She said that she had been expecting it for a while, as did my sister Sarah. Actually, there have been a number of times when Lewis disappeared for years and we were surprised to hear of his reappearance.
- Dad, in a nursing home in QLD, is terribly upset. He gets to see Alex, his grandson, next week. He is eating again - thanks for your prayers.
- The funeral is still to be arranged - perhaps in a week or two. I am looking into flights.
- Bruce Stuart, my brother-in-law, is taking care of things on the Perth side, where my Mum and 2 sisters live. Bruce is not only my brother-in-law, but he is also the best grief counselor i have ever met. You remember that they were with us in Prague for a while. He is now running a counseling service in Perth for the business community -, and has been hounded all year by a church to be their lead pastor - something that will probably happen in a few months. Anyway, its really nice to have Bruce there. Thanks!
- I am still deeply saddened, but at the same time, i am appreciating being in the Land of the Living, with my family and friends. And that includes you.