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Hope for USA?

george coming back to white houseBig hat tip for USA. I love that country. It is partly mine. I am a resident of USA (resident alien) and have spent a quarter of my life there. My wife is American and all my kids. Its a great country, and the world was watching today as Dubya was reelected.
I'm glad that America has a leader that believes his leadership is a "mandate" and believes that God has placed him there for a reason.
His acceptance speech a few minutes ago talked of a "season of hope" and "reconciliation" for the country, as well as helping to develop democracy in countries like Iraq and Afganistan.  OK - we all know it has been really messy so far - please dont complain here on my blog post. Putting the mistakes behind us, I am hoping that George will use his power to bring peace for the gospel in the Middle East . . . that he might follow in the footsteps of the last two-term Republican presiden, Ronald Reagan, It was Reagan that helped open up a door for Eastern Europe, a door that our family walked through and helped the people there take advantage of the new freedom. If George W. is able to do the same thing, then in 15 years time, we might be blogging from Bagdad, or Saudi Arabia, or Istanbul.
Anyway, we all give pause today, we stop what we are doing, and look at America, and acknowledge that it has huge potential for making the world a better place, not just for Americans but for everyone.