The Mullet I Never Had
Emerging Church Different?

Tom Jones and WWJD

I am a man haunted by my past words and actions. Tom Jones and WWJD are coming back to curse me.

A. Tom Jones.
An email today is from who wants permission to link their Tom Jones page with my old dead blog. I just took a look and sure enough, my old blog is one of his linking pages for people who want lyrics and news about TOM JONES. Must be a Google thing. Honestly, i cant remember blogging about Tom Jones, although it is true that we sometimes play his old stuff - "Whats New Pussycat" is a favourite of my daughters. but I would not consider myself an enthusiast of Tom Jones. But then maybe I am. I will give the go-ahead on the link.

And about the time when i preached on "What Would Jesus Do?".
Firstly, let me admit if. Yes. Its true. But . . .
1. It was 1992
2. Those WWJD bracelets (and their counterparts) had not come out yet.
3. The song "What Would Jesus Do?" had just been released and had inspired a media frenzy with the church crowd.
4. I was a pastor of a Baptist Church and was, by hazard of occupation, lumped in with the church crowd and their frenzies.
5. I did not choose the name. The ministry hosting the youth rally came up with the theme WWJD and asked me to preach on it, just as they asked the soloist to sing the song, the rock band to allude to it, etc.
In defence, let me say that today, knowing what i know now,
1. I would not preach a message with that title without doing so in an ironic way
2. I have never worn that bracelet