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29 December 2004

Indian churches rush aid to tsunami victims as death toll mounts

Vailankanni, India (ENI). As in other Asian and African
countries, churches in India are rushing aid and relief to
hundreds of thousands of people following an earthquake-triggered
tsunami on 26 December that wreaked havoc across continents. The
Churches Auxiliary for Social Action, an agency of 24 Orthodox
and Protestant churches in India and a member of Action by
Churches Together, said it had earmarked 95 million rupees (US$
2.2 million) in emergency relief to the victims of the tsunami in
south India and the Andaman and Nicobar islands in the Bay of
Bengal [487 words, ENI-04-0841]

World aid groups launch massive effort after tsunami disaster

Velankanni, India (ENI). Faith-based organizations and partner
emergency aid providers across the globe have mobilised as the
world reels from one its worst natural disasters, a series of
huge tidal waves called tsunami, triggered by a massive undersea
earthquake. In southern India on Sunday the fragrance of incense
perfumed the air near a spot on the Tamil Nadu coast where
millions of pilgrims gather every year. But on Tuesday at the
shrine of Velankanni there were no pilgrims, only the stench of
rotting corpses in the air. It was just one scene among hundreds
of similar other scenes in southern and southeast Asian
countries. [534 words, ENI-04-0840]

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