Funeral No. 1 - Lewis
Just one nod

Funeral No. 2 - Dad

Dad's funeral was on Wednesday. There were about 30 people, some of whom i hadn't seen in 25 years. My dad looked awful, but that wasnt really him. We put a 1979 photo on the coffin of him in a suit and holding a smoke (as we remember him) and the photo was accompanied with a bottle of Jonny Walker Black Label, Dunhill smokes, lotto ticket, and a cap.

I gave the eulogy, and other people shared their thoughts and memories. Part of what i said was this:

"He loved much, and was much loved.
He sinned much, and was much forgiven.
He gave much, and was much received.
He will miss much, and will be much missed."

Thanks to Pastor Barry Horton of Island of Hope Christian Community, for leading the service and for being my dad's pastor and friend for the last 4 years. The chapel service at the nursing home yesterday was the first service my dad has missed in a long time.

I will post some images and more thoughts later. Just wanted you to know that it went well and we are all OK. We went through his things yesterday. And today i start the journey back to UK.

Thanks everyone for your comments and thoughts and prayers during this difficult time.