The Inclusive Church
Our Tribal Piercing Ceremony

Getting pierced with friends

Back safe in Orkney. I picked up some American friends on the way - Doug Pagitt (Young Leaders/Solomon's Porch), Mark Scandrette (ReImagine) from San Francisco, Dave from Minnesota, Michael Toy (ex-Netscape) from Palo Alto. These guys have are on a very short pilgrimage to Orkney and are here to spend time with our family.

Doug and I got our upper ear cartledge pierced yesterday in Aberdeen, in recognition of having passed through the lifetime fear of losing our fathers. Mark S. also got one in the same spot. Tonight we are having a ceremony at one of the ancient sites. I suppose it is one of the most significant rites of passage into adulthood. A few years ago i flew up to Minnesota visit Doug Pagitt when his dad passed away. Now that mine has also gone, its great timing to have Doug come over and return the favor.