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Reflecting and Resoluting

Its the best week of the year for me - between Christmas and New Years - a time of reflection and planning, repenting and dreaming, finishing off and deciding which projects to commit to. Its the week before the New Years Day of Resolutions, and i usually take a week to think through which resolutions are attainable and which should be attempted anyway.
I am sure you will find out which ones are which if you track with me in 2005.

Everything is up from grabs this week. I am even wondering if i should maintain this blog in 2005. Yes, i probably will. But there will be other projects to be involved with as well. Some may be more important.

Our Christmases

Merry Christmas everyone. We are having 3 Christmas celebrations up here. We celebrated Christmas with Cindy and Julie Blick from our old church in Australia (when i was a youth pastor 12 years ago). they were here for 4 days and have left now. They hope to be back here in Orkney next summer.
Christmas 2. A quiet family Christmas - the big Turkey, Bing, crackers, tree, etc. Tomorrow night is the carol service for the city of Stromness, and I have created the video loop for it.
Christmas 3. Derek and Amy Chapman and their dog will be coming up from Belgium in a weeks time for our final Christmas.
So we are finishing off the year quietly. Kids are off school now. I am working on video and the production of a multimedia book that outlines the past 10 years of emerging church history.
A little bit of snow fell today. We are all well. Hope everyone out there has a GREAT CHRISTMAS.

Measuring Emergentness by Smilies

60494cSmilies, of course, were one of the most familiar symbols of the "happy" 1980's rave culture, which gave birth to the British alt. worship movement.  But the Americans want to know . . . . Are the British really so far ahead in Emerging Church? I have been getting comments from Americans that show they are feeling a little behind and I want to encourage them with this post. Hope the Brits dont get too upset with me. [hi guys - anyone for curry?]
- I also wrote up a big response today for Fuller Seminary's Ryan Bolger and Eddie Gibbs, who are writing a book on the emerging church. So i am giving thought to the origins of emerging church, and how to measure when it first happened.

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