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Our Christmases

Merry Christmas everyone. We are having 3 Christmas celebrations up here. We celebrated Christmas with Cindy and Julie Blick from our old church in Australia (when i was a youth pastor 12 years ago). they were here for 4 days and have left now. They hope to be back here in Orkney next summer.
Christmas 2. A quiet family Christmas - the big Turkey, Bing, crackers, tree, etc. Tomorrow night is the carol service for the city of Stromness, and I have created the video loop for it.
Christmas 3. Derek and Amy Chapman and their dog will be coming up from Belgium in a weeks time for our final Christmas.
So we are finishing off the year quietly. Kids are off school now. I am working on video and the production of a multimedia book that outlines the past 10 years of emerging church history.
A little bit of snow fell today. We are all well. Hope everyone out there has a GREAT CHRISTMAS.