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Emergent Wisdom For Churches #1

(Click to enlarge). A network with many weak links is stronger than a network with a few strong links. Multiple nodes enable greater communication which enables faster emergence. Predicting which will new projects will survive or succeed is almost impossible in our present chaotic world, but planting many seeds and allowing multiple projects is a good place to start. Experimental ministries that do not succeed should not be seen as a failure, since many failures allow greater potential for success. Real failure happens when we are too intimidated to start anything new due to faithlessness or fear. So go ahead and start some new things. Plant some seeds. 7 or even 8 of them. Maybe one or two of them will take root and produce something.
From "Rhizome Cowboy: Emergent Principles for Network-Based Churches "(Andrew Jones, Nov 04)"

Slain in the Spirit

holyspiritmeetingI never know when Marc Van der Woude is joking or not (must be the Dutch sense of humor) but i will link to this anyway. A newspaper reports, [and Marc repeats it in a post entitled "More Lord,fill him up "that a heart attack victim went unnoticed in the midst of a 'Holy Spirit revival meeting' because dozens of people were 'slain in the Spirit' around him." Apparently he was still for 2 hours and turning blue before they realized something was wrong. Or maybe they tried waking him up for the offering?
For real? probably not. But funny anyway.

Favourite Entries

What are your 5 top blog entries this year? Bob Carlton suggests we make a single post of them, send the link to bobcarlton at speakeasy dot net, and he will post them at
Here are my personal favourites, although they are different than the posts that people wanted to comment on.
1. Postmodern Truth 2.0: The Cheesy Skinny Response (Dec 2003, I know. Dont make me repost it.)
2. Just One Nod
3. sTorm
4. Our Tribal Piercing Ceremony

Is our worship "cool" ?

I have to admit . . . the question has stumped me and i dont know how to answer. Are the worship experiences of my life cool? Who calls them cool? Do they need to be cool? Was the wedding feast that Jesus attended cool? Did he make it cool by producing wine? Was Matthew's party cool?

This is me, waking up at 4 in the morning, this morning, every morning since returning from Australia last week, with far too much thinking time on my hands.
This is you, reading my thinkings, even though they are quasimodo (half-formed) and potentially silly.
This is us, in blogland.

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The Skinny on Emergent Criticism

Emergent Criticism:  7 Years of Spanking
nomopomoEmergent Village has had a long and glorious history of criticism spanning over 7 years to its early days as Young Leaders. Critics have come and gone, but there will always be Kevin Miller of Christianity Today, who I vote as THE BEST Emergent Critic ever. chrisseay
Read on to get the skinny on other critics and what they said:
The Sharpest.
The Wettest.
The Hardest.
The Oldest.
The Cheekiest.
The Funniest.
The Smartest.
The Latest

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Generation Text

The church was worried about the age of post-literacy, when young people stopped reading books and stared mindlessly into the TV screen. It is probable that we have moved on from that stage to the age of post-post-literacy - where TV watching is replaced by reading, writing, blogging, messaging, phone-texting, sms'ing, journalling, selfpublishing, etc.
My 11 year old daughter Elizabeth, for example, spends time each night writing a novel. She expects to publish it soon, probably within the year. She doesn't think that being 11 years old will hold her back. She is a part of Generation Text. So is my 9 year old daughter Abigail, who has her own blog.

elizHow old are bloggers? Most of them are very young
A survey showed that out of 4,120,000 bloggers:
55,500 are aged 10-12
2,120,000 are aged 13-19
1,630,000 are aged 20-29
241,000 are aged 30-39
41,700 are aged 40-49
18,500 are aged 50-59
13,900 are aged 60-69
[Thanks Jonny Baker for those numbers.]

Douglas Rushkoff in Open Source Democracy (Download PDF) noted that the Renaissance turned hearers into readers, and the current renaissance in writing is turning readers into writers. Some of us, and i include my old wrinkled self, are at times writing more than we read. We are also surrounded by technology that makes it easy to "publish glad tidings daily".
What a world! Welcome to Generation Text.

The Skinny on Powerpoint

I did it. I finally used Powerpoint, that program-with-horns from the pit of Microsoft. And I didn't feel dirty afterwards. Some friends were there to see me fall into sin and threatened to spill the beans, so i figured i would fess up before you hear it from them. Please dont leave flaming comments or hate email until you hear my story.

2 weeks ago I was to speak to group of ministry professionals in Sheffield, England at the Conference for Network-Based Churches. My presentation, entitled "Like a Rhizome Cowboy: Emergent Principles for Network Based Churches" was set up to be shown through my non-linear VJ |(video-jockey) program Arkaos 2.2. However, my beloved Arkaos endured a devastating mid-life crisis and gave itself a new identity (a unique number) refusing to turn up for work on my computer. It was probably locked up in a virtual wardrobe, crutching a teddy bear and assuming the foetal position. I couldn't get online to assign it a new number, and i had to give my presentation early the next morning. What was i to do? Shadow Puppets? Flannel board? Magic Lantern?

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