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Ragstone27 - the video

ragstone27160x120UPDATE: Here is the video i promised - 3.9MGs
I had the privilege of witnessing a great band at their first appearance ever. Ragstone27 performed at Orkney's Fusion club in Kirkwall on Thursday night. And they did really well. Click on the image to see it - or continue for a small video file . . .

Dave Morrison sings lead and plays guitar. The drummer is Russell Scott. The female vocalist and songwriter is Miriam, who hangs out with us. Amy is bass - she also writes some of the songs, including the track on this short video. She is also a part of the worship band at Kirkwall Baptist.
They have been asked to do a larger gig and requested me as their VJ (lets see if i have time). The band is great - I made a short QT movie (660k) that i uploaded here. If they ever get famous, you saw the first ever video of Ragstone27 right here.