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Good to see UK kicking in a lot of money for Tsunami aid, a good attempt to match the public's generosity. In USA, the amount promised is relatively smaller, and Charles E. Carlson believes the USA is only contribiting $350 million because of a wrangle with the United Nations.
[update: Charles E. Carlson is NOT Charles Colson- thanks Graham !!!!]

Undercutting the United Nations for Power
Charles E. Carlson

On Wednesday night, President George W. Bush rather lamely answered critics
about the minuscule US commitment to the United Nations' aid program for
tsunami victims. Originally the USA is offering less money than a top-notch
Quarterback's contract. By Saturday the ante had been jumped up tenfold
(dead now 150,000). But this is still about what a Wall Street president
"earns" in a good year, and a third of what congress spends in an average

This frugalness might be understandable if Washington was really trying to
spare the taxpayers, but this is not true. Mr. Bush is spurning the United
Nations because its members are staging a mild media revolt against the
President's Serial War policies. So Mr. Bush is turning his back on the
first big UN aid program to come along. The idea is to starve the UN into
submitting control back to the USA.

Let us put the cost of the tsunami in human lives into prospective. It has
claimed more than 70,000 lives and rising to double that. In one hour it
killed more than all the Americans who died in the long war against Vietnam
and Korea; but this is less then 10% of the number of Vietnamese our side
killed; It is a number is in the realm with the number of Iraqis the USA has
extinguished in the last 18 months, and it is 50 times greater than the
number of Americans who have died during the same period. How about the
dollar cost?

In his press release our President reminded the public how generous to
others his administration is with the taxpayer's money, but he stopped short
of providing any real numbers, so let us do so. President Bush has inched
his commitment up to $35 million (later to 350 million) for tsunami victims,
but that does not compare to $12 Billion of taxpayer money given to the
State of Florida (hundreds of times more) where his brother happens to be

We have heard an embarrassed, but stifled report that in Fallujah the US is
giving $4000 to each returning household who evacuated before we destroyed
it. There were some 200,000 people involved. This will cost undisclosed
hundreds of millions of dollars to rebuild what we destroyed in only a few

Our war against Iraq has cost taxpayers $200 billion, with another $76
billon about to be approved, and it if we killed 70,000 Iraqis that adds up
to a cost of $3,000,000 cost for every person kill in Iraq. And since the
declared purpose of the "War on Terrorism" is to kill people, we should not
be shy about counting the cost of doing so. To repeat, the USA's government
has spent about three million dollars to kill each of about 70,000 humans in
Iraq in some 18 months time. If you want to argue that not that many have
been killed, then the cost per kill is that much higher. Would you agree
our leaders are not tight fisted about spending our money?

The tsunami is a low cost killer compared to war, and it may also be more
humane. Drowning is quick compared to dying of burn wounds. And the tidal
wave tends to wipe out the children, the old, and the weak. This sounds
cruel, but it is nature's way. Nature leaves more of the stronger alive,
the breadwinners, who have the job of supporting those left in the families,
and to rebuild.

In contrast, our President's bombs and bullets are aimed at the strongest
Iraqis, the breadwinners, leaving more children with no one to feed them.
Starvation will be less after a tsunami than after the bombing of Iraq. The
proof of this is at least a half million children perished of starvation and
disease after the first Bush war in 1991. A generation of fathers were
killed in that slaughter, so they were not there to feed the survivors!
Nature is cruel, but it loves and forgives the survivors; tidal waves do not
hold grudges or play favorites. War does!

So now the USA is offering $350 million to help the United Nation relief
aid effort in the Indian Ocean. To put his offer in perspective, this is
equal to the cost of killing 120 humans in Iraq. No wonder Mr. Bush
sounded a little strained and short of words in explaining his "generosity"
as he put it. And don't forget, he gave away about 100 million for every
person killed in Florida earlier this year.

There is nothing frugal about Mr. Bush, and you don't have to like the idea
of the United Nations to understand what is happening. His niggardliness is
the first step in regaining control over the United Nations news agencies in
order to eliminate this small voice that is now constantly opposing his war
policy. The UN is reflecting the view of the rest of the world, and
strangely it also reflects the views of We Hold These Truths recently,
though we have certainly not always felt that way!

The Warmakers (now Neo-Cons), who prop Mr. Bush up for his press
conferences, cannot stand such organized resistance from the Creatures whose
first big act was to take a vote to create the State of Israel at an address
on the East River of New York.- end

If you don't know quite where you should stand on the United Nations you
United Nations, Foreign Aid and Terrorism By C. E. Carlson, November 1996. then click PHARISEE WATCH

We are witnessing a quarrel never before seen on the floor of the United
Nations, a small battle for control between the USA that created it, and the
rest of the world, whose members have, for 56 years, been along for the
ride. Written eight years ago at a time when the USA owned and controlled
the United Nations and all the members did out bidding. -editor

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