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Blogathon on 20th Jan

Emergent Gets Emergent

Good news. Re: yesterday's post, I was not excommunicated from Emergent. However, I have been downgraded again, from the lofty, privileged position of "Senior Fellow" to a lower "Coordinator" and now finally, scraping the bottom of the barrel, a lowly and humble "Contributor". I guess theres no gold watch for me???!!!!
It looks like Emergent is getting emergent. . .

An email from Doug Pagitt:
"Andrew, I saw your post on your blog, did you see the email I sent with the new structure stuff? It is the same one we sent out in the fall. We have gone away from the coordinating group and are making it now part of the Contributors. So you are still in. The new language is contributors not coordinating group. Doug Pagitt"

A few words of reminiscing are in order. When the group decided on the name "Fellows" and "Senior Fellows", I was there. I think it was in Colorado Springs at the Navigators Castle, but i might be wrong.
Anyway, I made fun of the name, and mocked the group, conjuring images of Ivy Leage snobs rowing their boats and wearing white vests. The others laughed with me, but we went ahead with the name anyway.
Fast Forward a few years. The group is talking about losing the "Fellow" name, for the same reasons that i initially suggested, but I have grown attached to it. There is something very cool about being a "Senior Fellow". I have to admit that i have used the word a number of times in my bios, especially among educated folk and large organizations.

But now i have to downgrade the info on my bio. Any why?
Because Emergent Village is being true to the essence of its emergent properties, and is reflecting the new flattened structure by its terminology. Painful, for the elites who lose rank, but absolutely necessary if we are to move forward into our complex world.

How can we model emergence if our group is not emergent in its essence????????

So, we are all "contributors" now, you and me. Actually, I really like that. Even if it means I lose so that others can win.
Emergent, I give you a big thumbs up.