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Emergent Village New Site

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Nice looking site for emergentvillage.com, which reminds me a little of Willzhead blog. But unfortunately i have been EXCOMMUNICATED from the listing of Emergent leaders.

The old site had me proudly on the team of Senior Fellows, with a link, a Bio, and lots of impressive scholastic achievements. But the new site apparently doesn't know where to place me - I am not living in America anymore, as I was when i HELPED TO FORM Emergent and its earlier incarnations. And i am not really assigned to a particular country since i wander too much.
Thus, I am no longer on the site. Either that, or the fact that a few days ago i said that emergent is just one of the emerging church networks in USA, not the sum of them.
However, I will not take this personally. I still LOVE all those people. Even if they don't love me . . . . {sob) But I will not think on it at all. Not at all. Right . . . . pull myself together. . . . , get off the floor, change my hanky, and get on with the day.

UPDATE: Good news