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Damah: Everyone Needs a Yoda

Yoda“Always two there are, a master and an apprentice.” Yoda, The Phantom Menace.
Everyone needs a Yoda, says my friend Patrick from Damah Film Festival. Theres some good advice for mentoring there . . Go and read the newsletter.
DATES for 4th Annual Damah Film Festival: March 11-12 in Hollywood. I might be there.
Did you know . . . that I was present at the 1st Damah? It was held in Seattle.
Did you know . . . that Damah's Patrick McGuire was at our worship experience "Epicenter" in Austin?
Did you know . . . that our friend Tom Hohstadt of introduced us all to the Hebrew word 'Damah meaning 'prophetic metaphor'? (I have video of him sharing that info - i may post it here one day)

SKINNY TIP: If you were thinking of attending Damah, then go early for The Ooze's Soularize (March 9-11) and enjoy both.