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My Animated GIF

Ajj150AnimateddelayedJonny Baker was asking me how i created the moving image on the top right. Funny, the animated GIF i saw on his blog 6 months ago inspired me to create one. Here is how i made mine, in case you were wondering.

Its a bit complicated, because i used a move rather than a few images. But here is the process:
- iMovie -I Imported a short movie, taken by my son, of me turning my head against a white wall. Movie edited and exported with no compression as a QuickTime Movie.
- Arkaos VJ 3.0.2 The ASCII effect added to the QuickTIme loop and recorded using the event recorder.
- Photoshop - Individual images brought into Photoshop and layered.
- ImageReady - Imported photoshop PSD image and created an animation of about 120 frames. Compressed and saved as an animated GIF of 45k (the large one here) and a smaller 100x100 (top right) weighing in at only 24k.