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January 17, 2005

Proverbs 11:11

animated GIF - 40k - proverbs1111im200

I was just meditating on Proverbs yesterday and decided to doodle on my computer. Here is what happened. I will probably use it in my presentation next month in Germany/Switzerland called "EmergAnt". Continue for a larger version

animated GIF - 82K - proverbs11:11

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Andrew - it's cool! Hope you have a great time in Switzerland. I would love to connect with you again sometime soon. Are you coming to Holland any time in the near future?

Did you I have started a blog about my churchplanting experiences? Check it out: ourjourney.typepad.com. Bye for now

Posted by: Rogier | January 17, 2005 05:20 PM

Andrew I loved the graphics your blog. You know you're truly gifted.

Posted by: Susan | January 23, 2005 03:15 PM

Andrew - Hi - loved the graphical meditation. Do you have a special programme that allows you to doddle like that, is it something that's standard on MAC's, or are you a whiz that can write your own programmes? (I'm stuck with a PC, but hey should not complain, it's better than nothing).
Anyway - I'd love to do some graphics stuff like that, how do I go about getting started.

Posted by: Brodie | February 2, 2005 11:41 AM

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