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5km Sled Ride


Dude - it was very cool! Last week I sledded down an intense 5km sledding trail in the Swiss alps with DAWN teammates and fellow bloggers. Of course we took the fastest and most dangerous route available, simply because we couldn't find any routes even more dangerous. At one point, whizzing down a really steep incline, I couldn't see a thing and had to turn by memory - my face covered with snow and my gloveless hands frozen yet still holding on for dear life. What a buzz!!!!!
And apart from tearing up the Swiss landscape, we spent 3 days hard at work - boring each other with our presentations, drinking coffee, talking strategy, checking in together and figuring out how to save Europe on a budget. The Skinny? It was a really good profitable time. And the sledding was the best thing we have EVER done as a team.
Bloggers at Wilderswill, Switzerland:
Alexander - who is involved in HouseChurch i mean SimpleChurch in UK
Reinhold - who is the father of DAWN Europe
Kerstin who lives in Berlin and does NOT look like Pee Wee Herman
Kerstin200-Tm 1-1Peewee 1-2
Marc who writes Joel News
Scott who does reseach out of Budapest and turns up in my Suddenly Seminary chat room.
Photos at Marcs blog. Best account was here on Alexander's blog.

Sledding Injury list:

- I bruised my tail bone and it hurt to sit down for 6 days
- Christine Wolf twisted her knee and was still on crutches when we left.
But apart from that, no other injuries.


We had a great alt. worship communion by Marc and Kerstin. Music by Karsten Wolff of Kraftwerks Youth Church, Dresden. I did a live video wallpaper thingy with this communion table.