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The image is a part of Mike Bischoff's excellent teaching on Emerging Church. Mike is a photographer, as well as a teacher at the IGW (Institute for Church Growth and World Evangelism), so dont feel unworthy when you see his graphcs. Take a look at his other powerpoint slides on his blog.
Some of you are asking about links to the other students. I have pasted an email from Mike with those links:
"Hi Andrew
. I hope that you’ve arrived safely at Wilderswil. Thanks again for your inspiring teaching, the fellowship and your deep interest to the students, our IGW-project and....For me, these days were blessing and I am really thankful, that you were here with you. It was a privilege. Thanks a lot. Here are the promised links:
Link to my blog, where you can download my presentations:
People who did attend the Seminar and have a blog
Andrew Jones,
Reinhold Scharnowski
Mike Bischoff
Mark Reichmann
Marlin Watling
Daniel Ehniss
Mathias Burri
Arne Bachmann
Josha Eisenhut
Serena Hänsel
I wish you a good time in the Swiss Alpes and then a safe way back home, straight to the North!
Be blessed. Mike

Mike links to his presentation;

Mike: Here are my PP-presentations from the "Emerging-church"-Seminar, we did last week. They are free to download, please also download the Amano-Fonts for viewing the presentation in their original layouts! Enjoy it!

Amano-Fonts:(for PC and Mac)