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BlogFast while I am in Norway

I am leaving for Norway. I wont be blogging OR checking the comments until late next week.
Sunday - I will be speaking at Sub Church in Oslo
Monday/Tuesday - at the Lutheran School of Theology
Wednesday - Aberdeen, Scotland.

Last year I was in Bergen, Norway for a DAWN meeting, where i got to hang with my Viking hommies. This will be my first trip to Oslo. Have a great week everyone!

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Suddenly Seminary at Soularize

Andrew48 1Heres a first. I cant come physically to teach at Soularize this year, but Spencer of has asked me to do a virtual class in my 3D Suddenly Seminary room as one of the Labs. He will have a special WIFi room equipped for you. I will be the only one not in the physical classroom. The date is probably March 10th but is yet to be confirmed. The subject is also to be confirmed, but will probably be connected with ministry online, new media and the emerging church.
Ss Images
Soularize will be March 9-11 in Venice Beach, California.

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Most US teens are religious

Link: new survey suggests that the majority of American teen-agers believe in God and worship in conventional congregations.

The National Study of Youth and Religion says devout teens hold more traditional morals than their nonreligious counterparts and are better off in emotional health, academic success, community involvement, concern for others, trust of adults and avoidance of risky behavior.
Substantial majorities say they're affiliated with a local congregation, have few or no doubts about their beliefs, feel close to God, pray alone regularly and believe in miracles.
But many religious teens also are detached from the traditions of their faith, believing instead in an undemanding God who exists mostly to solve problems and make people feel good.

Tiki Storage Idol

TikiusbMauna Tiki Drive was released yesterday. If Google is God, then Tiki can give some competition.
“Stare into his glowing eyes and watch his expressive green ”aura“ glow and blink from below* as he reads and writes your data.” Link
Makes me think about the man who had so much that he ran out of storage capacity and upgraded to larger options. He said to himself “You have plenty of good things laid up for yourself. Take life easy, eat, drink and be merry”

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The Web Not the Death of Language

Wired: The Web Not the Death of Language: “Resources for the expression of informality in writing have hugely increased -- something not seen in English since the Middle Ages,” David Crystal
A recent study “ suggested that conversing through instant messenger resembled speaking more than writing.”
I talked recently about the Renaissance of Writing and the age of post-post-literacy in my post “Generation Text”

How Paris Hilton taught me to love Jesus

Thought provoking title from an Aussie speaker. From the email:

Mark is a leader with the Red network of missional churches in Melbourne and long-time creative force behind Dreamland, a Christian youth think-tank. In this brilliant presentation he will look at our culture's warped take on 'reality' and explore how we can recover genuine Christian authenticity in the world of Paris Hilton, American Idol and Queer Eye.”

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Lest We Forget

Tim Bednar just reminded me of a particular anniversary.
“It was almost a year ago today, I am of course talking about the Andrew Jones ”girl“ controversy.”

A year has passed since my biggest ever blogging mistake - a blooper of biblical proportions - a pimple on the face of the blogosphere - i am talking about my “girls” post, when I tried to describe the fact that God is using young teenagers (of the female variety) to start churches in China.

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Accountability and Self-regulation

Peggy Noonan on blogging.
“It is not true that there are no controls. It is not true that the blogosphere is the Wild West. What governs members of the blogosphere is what governs to some degree members of the MSM, and that is the desire for status and respect. In the blogosphere you lose both if you put forward as fact information that is incorrect, specious or cooked. You lose status and respect if your take on a story that is patently stupid. You lose status and respect if you are unprofessional or deliberately misleading. And once you've lost a sufficient amount of status and respect, none of the other bloggers link to you anymore or raise your name in their arguments. And you're over. The great correcting mechanism for people on the Web is people on the Web.”