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Lest We Forget

Tim Bednar just reminded me of a particular anniversary.
“It was almost a year ago today, I am of course talking about the Andrew Jones ”girl“ controversy.”

A year has passed since my biggest ever blogging mistake - a blooper of biblical proportions - a pimple on the face of the blogosphere - i am talking about my “girls” post, when I tried to describe the fact that God is using young teenagers (of the female variety) to start churches in China.

I called them “girls” to make the point that these young people were very young, untrained, and yet were doing great things for God. But it sounded like I was speaking down to them. Things are clearer now and my mistakes are obvious:
1. I used “girl” in the same paragraph as “men” which, as the late Jacques Derrida reminded us all, is an act of injustice against the Other and reinforces a privileged position to the dominant One.
2. I did not provide proper hypertext link to the previous conversation, thus taking it out of context, and not allowing readers to have access to the whole conversation in all its history
3. I took too long to respond to questions about the post - denying the loop, giving the appearance of casting off accountability to the blogging community. Not on purpose, of course. But by not checking in over the weekend, I increased the mess.
Link : The Girls Post: A Definitive History

As for Tim, he has a “substantial” post on the TNIV version of the Bible.
“I see the TNIV translation of the Bible as part of the same spiritual renewal as the emerging church; for me it is evidence that something bigger than just alternative worship is happening in the church”