My night of absolute terror
Bloggers will rescue

BlogFast while I am in Norway

I am leaving for Norway. I wont be blogging OR checking the comments until late next week.
Sunday - I will be speaking at Sub Church in Oslo
Monday/Tuesday - at the Lutheran School of Theology
Wednesday - Aberdeen, Scotland.

Last year I was in Bergen, Norway for a DAWN meeting, where i got to hang with my Viking hommies. This will be my first trip to Oslo. Have a great week everyone!

Invitation from Morten Holmqvist:

“On Sunday you are the preacher at our service at Sub Church. Øyvind told you this right? Our topic this semester is ”Jesus Identity“, or you can choose something else!
On Monday I have booked a aduditorium on the faculty I work. You are going to have a seminar! ( Øyvind have told you this too? he he) Anyway its from to
I have some questions regarding the seminar: We want you to give a lecture about what the term emergent church means? What does this mean when we use words like postmodernity and postmodern youth? What is the future for the church? ” Morten